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There’s a lot I want to do in the future! I’ll be updating this page with projects I’m currently working on that are soon to be released! Thank you for your patience, and hope you look forward to one or more of the in progress projects below!

Interactive Fiction, AKA Choose Your Own Adventure Writing

Since I’m thinking about doing something I’ve never tried before, there’s going to be plenty of mishaps and misconceptions on my road ot writing interactive fiction! I want to create stories that put readers in the drivers seat, so that their actions have very real impacts on the overall story! Hopefully with my creative mind I can rise to the challenge to make some truly memorable and unique stories that people will revisit time and time again!

As of right now, I’m working together with the Tales Writer team to create one-of-a-kind, unique stories that anyone anywhere can play! If you’re interested in the platform, you can download their app here! I’ll be updating this page with dates for releases for stories I’ve written on the platform, but trust me – the place is full of awesome, fun content that would keep any reader or gamer satisfied for hours!

Traveling in Japan/Food in Japan blogs

Sure, I’ve written about my experiences in every day life in Japan, but I do enough traveling around to have a few things I want to share with people about this great country I live in. Hopefully in the near future I can focus some of my blogging on area-specific food and sightseeing to give readers a better sense of the wonders that await travelers and expats alike in Japan!

Behind the scenes/deleted scenes from past series for select fans/readers

Did you know that one of the original characters for one of the series currently published was originally written to be the opposite gender? Did you think that two characters who ended up together were supposed to? You might be surprised how much actually changes during the development of a story! I hope to one day compile and release deleted scenes/behind the scenes information on past series so that readers can have more to read and enjoy from my works!


Yup, novels. Unfortunately these won’t be published on Amazon, as I’ll be sending in manuscripts to publishing companies after I’ve compelted them. I will still keep my presence on Amazon, of course, but after finishing the series I set out to write in November 2017, I want to branch out and try for the other side of the publishing game!

Giveaways/Giftboxes from The Land of the Rising Sun

One of the greatest things about living in Japan is all the access I have to cool things found nowhere else in the world! I want to start compiling giftboxes to give away to random fans that include a taste of Japan! Everyone has goals, and I’ve set up quite a few in regards to my writing and the growth of my career as a writer. As a reward for reaching those goals, I want to give back to those who help me reach those goals! Not entirely sure how to implement this one, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all of your support! I’ll try and get these out as soon as I can!

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