WWW #34: Soul-Crushing

Today’s Topic: We are all subject to at least one soul-crushing event in our lives, no matter how big or small.

We’ve all been there – you’re doing something you feel is literally sucking the life out of your body, yet you keep doing it. For some, it’s their day-to-day job. For others, it’s a relationship with someone else that’s become taxing to their mental and/or physical health. For most, it’s not something enjoyable that you look forward to doing long-term. Yet, there are times when soul-crushing work is necessary for the natural progression of life. We can only hope that putting up with such things can lead to better situations and eventual peace of mind.

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WWW #33: Demons

Today’s Topic: The demons inside us all and how we can deal with them.

The concept of ‘inner demons’ isn’t new. Inner demons is a term used to describe less than desirable aspects a person is actively hiding or repressing because they know that such things are negative and ultimately hurt their psyche. There are plenty of ways to overcome these demons, but it’s almost never easy to face the darkest part of yourself in an attempt to change for the better.

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Getting Sick in Japan

You may have noticed a distinct lack of wisps and articles this last week on the website. This is mainly due to the fact that I fell ill with influenza at the beginning of last week, and it kept me out of the game for 7 days straight! Since it was my first time getting majorly sick in Japan, I thought I’d write about the event as an apology for not putting up anything new. Hopefully my experience can give you some insight to the good, bad, and ugly sides of getting sick as an expat in a foreign country!

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WWW #24: Obsessions

Today’s Topic: How obsessions in our lives are viewed as either positive or negative aspects.

What are you obsessed with right now at this very moment? A TV show? A type of food or sweet? A celebrity that you follow day and night through social media platforms? The latest and greatest fashion styles and accessories? Or are you obsessed with less exciting things, like your family, your hobbies, or your work?

We’re all obsessed with something. And no matter what we’re obsessed with, someone will tell us not to be.

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