The image shows a visual representation of how interactive fiction uses branching pathways based on choices made by the reader.

Why Write Interactive Fiction?

Interactive fiction is no longer a ‘new’ concept. It’s been around for a while, though many people might have never even known about it due to the fact that it flew under the radar of mainstream media for so long. There are many forms and styles of interactive fiction, though some are easier to create and distribute than others. Two popular variants, visual novels and interactive chat fictions (where the reader is playing in a similar way to sending text messages), are quickly becoming more popular as interactive fiction is being created on a greater scale.

Since I’ve decided to start on a journey into interactive fiction, I thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at the good and the bad aspects that come with the territory. For a reader, interactive fiction can be fun and exciting. For a writer, it can either be a chore or a pleasure to produce.

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What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

It’s not always easy to know what you’re going to be doing for the foreseeable future. Most people don’t even know what they’ll be doing the next day, or even in the next hour. That’s okay. You don’t have to have absolutely everything figured out right now in order to keep moving towards your future goals. 

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Series #5: The Maydale Hauntings Series

The Maydale Hauntings Series

The Maydale home is no place for happy endings, and a string of deaths have cursed all who live within it. Will any of the seven families who live in it get to the bottom of this mystery, or die trying? It’s anyone’s guess in a house with a history of violence and death.

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Series #4: The Generational War

It’s hard to imagine, but humans are actually quite the delicacy in this galaxy.

The world is under attack. Humans are being harvested to boost an alien planet’s economy. Throughout the ages, there’s always one person who is able to do something to stop the attacks and try to save humanity from extinction.

This is the tale of that generational war.

Humans are fighting a war against alien invaders that spans thousands of millennia. Many generations have been preparing for such an epic conquest, though there are times when the stories of old have been lost, forgotten, or ignored. Those that come into the power to defend the planet, whether they have the prior knowledge of their role or not, all have one thing in common:

The ability to infiltrate the enemy’s ranks and crush them from the inside.

With powers that they may or may not know that they have, humans will have to fight for their right not to be a luxury food item on the galactic menu. Yet, not everything is so black and white when seen from the alien’s perspective…

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Series #3: The 12 Mile Course

It’s better to wait and see if your child can pass The 12 Mile Course before you tell them you love them.

The world was slowly starving to death. There was no shortage of misery, suffering, or despair for those fighting to survive.

Until The 12 Mile Course was created.

Now, children have to prove they are worthy of living out the rest of their adult lives by passing the hardest test they’ll ever take with a success rate of 36%. Chris, a boy on the cusp of turning sixteen, has finally been chosen to enter the course. He must make his way through the twelve unique zones without perishing in order to be released and become a productive member of society. 

Yet, if he passes, will Chris even want to go back to the society that throws their young into a viable death pit?

Would you?

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