WWW #28: Music

Today’s Topic: How powerful music is in everyday life.

Even if a person has been living on a deserted island away from other people for their entire life, they’ll likely still know about music. Whether they’ve hummed or sang a song they made up for themselves or created a melody from the wind, rain, and waves, such actions point to the fact that music is both inescapable and vital.

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WWW #22: Personal Appearance

Three gorgeous women wearing impressive makeup look serene and happy with their choices in life.

Today’s Topic: Why personal appearances should be respected

Like most people, I get up in the morning, put on my clothes, fix my hair, eat breakfast, do whatever else I need to do before work, and then head out for the day. Most of the time this simple process takes me anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours depending on what’s going on at work that day. Since I’ve recently decided to simplify my morning routine and use of makeup, my mornings are mostly spent eating and watching YouTube or Netflix while I browse online forums until it’s time to leave.

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WWW #15: Seasons

Today’s Topic: Does the changing of seasons really change your mood?

Whether you love winter, summer, spring, or autumn, many people say that the changing of the seasons often brings about a drastic change in their mood or personality. Are these changes the result of the weather? Or is it because there are more holidays, events, memories, or celebrations during one season compared with others? Every person has their own unique experiences, and every person has a right to feel however they want to feel during any season.

That being said, the fact that some people swear they’re happier in one season than they are in another is intriguing all the same.
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WWW #12: Spam

Today’s Topic: How Spam Effects Our Lives

Deriving its meaning from a Monty Python skit in 1970, spam has evolved to mean: irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc. Yet, more and more we’re seeing an even further evolution of spam that people never would have thought would happen: spam posing as content.
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The Hurdles of Getting a Pet in Japan

So you’re an expat living in Japan, huh? For whatever your personal reasons are, you’ve decided that you want a pet. Could be a dog, cat, snake, hedgehog, chinchilla, or any other assortment of animal that’s allowed in a residential building. If you’re thinking more along the lines of horse, sheep, gators, or any other large or exotic pets, you might not find this article as helpful. For those struggling to get a pet, I’m hoping that my own personal experiences might help you decide how you go about getting your new family member while living abroad.

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