Writing for Yourself vs. Writing for Profit

No one can live off of what they love to do unless it makes a profit, and not everything someone does to pay the bills is enjoyable (no matter how good they may be at it). For this blog, I wanted to take a look at the positives and negatives that can be found when writers create works that are purely because they want to versus when they’re paid to create content with the sole purpose of profiting from it.

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WWW #25: Debt

Today’s Topic: The highly dramatized stigma behind debt and why no one wants to be in debt.

Debt: the moment you hear that word you think “no money”, “poor”, “financially unstable”, and thousands of other terms that all describe someone (usually not you) with a negative balance in life. If you tell a friend you’ve got X amount of debt, they’re either shocked that you would think to do such a thing to yourself or relieved to hear that they’re not alone.

So why is debt seen as such an evil thing in today’s society when it’s so easy to get into?

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