Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

Do you ever try to write outside your comfort zone? What tips and tricks do you have for other writers trying to do the same? What are you still nervous about when approaching this challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

Thoughts on Living Between 2 Languages

I’m absolutely certain that this isn’t some new, unique circumstance for a person to find themselves living in, but I thought I’d comment on it nonetheless. It’s not uncommon for people to move to a country where their native tongue isn’t widely spoken, nor is it a rarity for such people to either adjust to their lives and assimilate into their new community, or hold on for dear life to their past and traditions.

Me? I’m just trying to find a happy middle between both those options. Here’s my two cents on living in a land where my native tongue is only ever spoken at home, and when/where I use both Japanese and English.

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Things They Didn’t Tell You About Being an Expat in Japan

You’re sitting on the plane and thinking to yourself, “Did I forget anything? I’ve packed just about everything I could think of and read over a hundred articles (just like this one!) on what I can expect while living in Japan. What more do I need?” Well, in some cases, you need to dig a bit deeper than the superficial articles that are aimed at glorifying life in another country.

No one wants to point out the less glamorous aspects of being an expat in Japan because it takes away from the dream. Yet, here I am, ready to put it all out there for anyone who’s thinking of (or has already set their mind to) making their way to the land under the rising sun. Drawing from my own experiences and those of friends and colleagues I’ve met over the years, hopefully by reading this blog you’ll have a better understanding of what’s to come if you choose to uproot yourself and live (for however long) in Japan.

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