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Finding Work in Japan

Work in Japan

Whether a person came to Japan by choice or due to unforeseen circumstances, those that choose to stay in the land of the rising sun long-term as permanent (or semi-permanent) residents will likely have to find work to support themselves and, if they already have or are planning to have one, their family. Apart from teaching English (which comprises the majority of expat occupations in Japan), there are several other avenues those who wish to stay longer can take.

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Finding Love in Japan

Love in Japan

One of the biggest hurdles I’ve seen expats have trouble with while living in Japan is finding ‘love’. I use quotations here because not everyone has the same idea of what love is, and some want different forms of love than others. Generally speaking, however, most tend to look for either friends, partners, or lovers to spend time with. Yet, when facing the hurdle of being an expat living in Japan, sometimes finding love isn’t as easy as one would think.

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WWW #27: Travel

Today’s Topic: How the convenience of modern day travel has transformed our concept of the size of the world.

Not too long ago the act of moving across a vast distance of land to go from one area to another in relative safety was seen as a luxury few could afford. Even further back in time the act of moving across great distances was a voyage that was fraught with many dangers. Nowadays we just buy a ticket online, hop on a plane, train, or boat, and go about our business as usual.

The risks have been minimized, the journeys are less harsh on the passengers, and trips to the far reaches of the world can be made at the drop of a hat. Are we beginning to take such ease of travel for granted?

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WWW #26: Mind Over Matter

Today’s Topic: How we take for granted our own ability to think and reason.

It’s a crazy concept to consider; your mind is literally in control of everything you perceive in the world. Defined as ‘an organ of soft nervous tissue contained in the skull of vertebrates, functioning as the coordinating centre of sensation and intellectual and nervous activity’, your brain can be a great help or a horrible hindrance to living your life.

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