Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

Do you ever try to write outside your comfort zone? What tips and tricks do you have for other writers trying to do the same? What are you still nervous about when approaching this challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

Food in Japan

Have you ever found a new food in another country that you absolutely love? Is there a food from your home country you’re dearly missing? Something that you import specially from another country? Let us know in the comments below!

Hobbies in Japan

Hobbies in Japan

Though it’s not unique to the country of Japan itself, many expats find that exploring new hobbies while living in a foreign country is a great way to ground themselves and create a fun, exciting life outside of work that keeps them positive and happy. Hobbies can range from gaming to crafting to music and more, though a hobby doesn’t have to be costly or big to be important or relevant.

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Thoughts on Living Between 2 Languages

I’m absolutely certain that this isn’t some new, unique circumstance for a person to find themselves living in, but I thought I’d comment on it nonetheless. It’s not uncommon for people to move to a country where their native tongue isn’t widely spoken, nor is it a rarity for such people to either adjust to their lives and assimilate into their new community, or hold on for dear life to their past and traditions.

Me? I’m just trying to find a happy middle between both those options. Here’s my two cents on living in a land where my native tongue is only ever spoken at home, and when/where I use both Japanese and English.

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WWW #28: Music

Today’s Topic: How powerful music is in everyday life.

Even if a person has been living on a deserted island away from other people for their entire life, they’ll likely still know about music. Whether they’ve hummed or sang a song they made up for themselves or created a melody from the wind, rain, and waves, such actions point to the fact that music is both inescapable and vital.

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