Expectations vs. Reality (Writing)

Anyone else ever feel that their friends or family think that they’re doing something absolutely incredible, yet you feel like you’re not living up to their expectations? How does that make you feel? Let us know in the comments below!

Bad Reviews

How do you feel when you receive a negative review for something you worked on? Do you feel like it helps you to make better content in the future, or that people are unfair in their assessments? Let us know in the comments below!

WWW #33: Demons

Today’s Topic: The demons inside us all and how we can deal with them.

The concept of ‘inner demons’ isn’t new. Inner demons is a term used to describe less than desirable aspects a person is actively hiding or repressing because they know that such things are negative and ultimately hurt their psyche. There are plenty of ways to overcome these demons, but it’s almost never easy to face the darkest part of yourself in an attempt to change for the better.

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WWW #22: Personal Appearance

Three gorgeous women wearing impressive makeup look serene and happy with their choices in life.

Today’s Topic: Why personal appearances should be respected

Like most people, I get up in the morning, put on my clothes, fix my hair, eat breakfast, do whatever else I need to do before work, and then head out for the day. Most of the time this simple process takes me anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours depending on what’s going on at work that day. Since I’ve recently decided to simplify my morning routine and use of makeup, my mornings are mostly spent eating and watching YouTube or Netflix while I browse online forums until it’s time to leave.

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