What I’d Love to Be Doing Right Now

Are there things in your life that you’d LOVE to be doing right now, but you just don’t have the time or effort to work on them? What would it take for you to start one of those projects TODAY? Let us know in the comments below!

WWW #10: Career

Today’s Topic: How careers have changed – hopefully for the better

Many have been taught since they were children the correct way their lives should go: go to school, get educated, work for a business, stay in that business for forty years or longer, and finally enjoy retirement. For better or worse, things have changed.
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WWW #1: Procrastination

Often times our cell phones can be our worst enemies in terms of staying focused

Today’s Topic: The Constant Struggles of Procrastination

I highly doubt that procrastination is a topic anyone is unfamiliar with. We’ve all experienced procrastination at some point in time during our lives, and many people allow it to completely run certain aspects of their lives. No matter what your relationship with procrastination, it’s important to evaluate how you deal with it and what you can do moving forward to make your life a little less stressful.
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Wisteria’s Wondrous Wisps – An Introduction

It’s not easy maintaining a blog, freelancing, and trying to complete a full series of works every other month when you’re just one person. Due to my own frustration in how little new content I’m able to put up on my website every week, I’ve decided to start a little something I like to call, “Wisteria’s Wondrous Wisps”.
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Part 2: Praising The Pros of Freelance Writing

Last week I wrote about considering the multitude of factors that go into working as a freelance writer. The factors were explained to help those thinking about diving into the freelance writing world figure out exactly what they wanted to get out of the work, as well as inform them on what is needed to be a freelance writer: finding clients, writing pieces, and getting paid. Knowing what to expect before you get into a possible career move is important to just about anyone who likes being prepared.
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