WWW #30: Waiting

Today’s Topic: The perpetual act of waiting that we all go through.

Branching off of my Time Wisp, I wanted to write about how everyone everywhere is in the perpetual state of waiting. You could be waiting for anything – a birthday, job interview, vacation, promotion, graduation, project completion, movie premier, game release, book publishing, etc. – at any given point in time. There are apps for counting down the days, weeks, months, and years until an event that millions of people use so they don’t have to do the math or stress themselves out even further by obsessing over it.

Waiting is just another part of life that we’ve all come to accept and follow without question.

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WWW #22: Personal Appearance

Three gorgeous women wearing impressive makeup look serene and happy with their choices in life.

Today’s Topic: Why personal appearances should be respected

Like most people, I get up in the morning, put on my clothes, fix my hair, eat breakfast, do whatever else I need to do before work, and then head out for the day. Most of the time this simple process takes me anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours depending on what’s going on at work that day. Since I’ve recently decided to simplify my morning routine and use of makeup, my mornings are mostly spent eating and watching YouTube or Netflix while I browse online forums until it’s time to leave.

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