The cover for The Dreams of Reality Series with the word “HOLD” covering it

2019 Big Changes

Change is never easy. Change is not always for the better. Change is annoying to keep in loose pockets because it rattles around with every step which can get really aggravating really fast (for me at least). But back to the topic: I’ve got yet another round of changes happening in my life that are going to impact my personal and professional projects.

TLDR; I’m putting my personal project of writing series on hold indefinitely. I’m focusing on collaborative works, as well as learning programming languages and tools that will allow me to create bigger projects in the future. I’m burying my nose in my Japanese grammar and kanji books once more to prepare myself for potentially working in the Japanese gaming industry as a writer, translator, and/or cultural advisor.

Read on if you want more details for any of these changes I’ll be making as of today!

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WWW #30: Waiting

Today’s Topic: The perpetual act of waiting that we all go through.

Branching off of my Time Wisp, I wanted to write about how everyone everywhere is in the perpetual state of waiting. You could be waiting for anything – a birthday, job interview, vacation, promotion, graduation, project completion, movie premier, game release, book publishing, etc. – at any given point in time. There are apps for counting down the days, weeks, months, and years until an event that millions of people use so they don’t have to do the math or stress themselves out even further by obsessing over it.

Waiting is just another part of life that we’ve all come to accept and follow without question.

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WWW #29: Inner Peace

Today’s Topic: What it really means to achieve inner peace.

Inner peace is defined as having psychological or spiritual calm despite past, present, and future stresses. It’s being certain of your place in the world and knowing that no matter what comes your way, you will be able to rise above any adversity and weather any problems. Having inner peace has become increasingly difficult in the modern age, though it’s not entirely impossible. There are many ways to achieve inner peace, though the act itself takes work and effort. Those that seek it need to be prepared for the long, hard road ahead.

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WWW #28: Music

Today’s Topic: How powerful music is in everyday life.

Even if a person has been living on a deserted island away from other people for their entire life, they’ll likely still know about music. Whether they’ve hummed or sang a song they made up for themselves or created a melody from the wind, rain, and waves, such actions point to the fact that music is both inescapable and vital.

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