The Dreams of Reality

“It’s not easy living a double-life. It gets even harder when those lives are lived in separate realities.”

Judith has lived a very interesting life so far. One day, she’s a popular, admired student with a massive following and friendship circle, and the next she’s friendless, isolated, and alone. Everything changes, however, the day she’s approached by someone who says one of her realities is a lie, and that it’s up to her to figure out which one.

“If I find out the reality where I’m a friendless loser is the real one, I’m going to be so pissed.”

Judith has one shot to figure out which reality is real. Searching for seven mysterious clues that hold the secret to her stranger predicament, she might just have a chance at breaking free from the lie. If she chooses right, her chaotic double-life will come to an end and she’ll finally know where she belongs. If she chooses wrong, she’ll lose her life forever.

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