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Collab Opportunities

Together, we are strong.

That’s why I’m inviting any and all creatives to contact me if they’d like to collaborate on a project together. No matter how big or how small, I’m open to almost any idea and definitely every challenge. Below you’ll find collaborations I’m most interested in at this time, though you can always contact me with other offers and interests at any time.

Currently Looking for Collaborators to Create:

An Interactive Story… With a Twist…

There’s plenty of interactive/narrative stories out in the world right now. I’ve got an idea in mind for one of my own that isn’t like traditional interactive fiction… it’s going to take a bit of work, a bit of elbow grease, and a lot of patience, but I know it’ll be a fun project for everyone.

Below are the positions I would need to have filled to complete this project:

  • Programmers Wanted – We’ll be working on Unity for this one.
  • Coders Wanted – We’re doing C# coding to keep it all simple and straight forward
  • Developers Wanted – Someone who can bring it all together and monetize the game
  • Artists Wanted – You can bring your own style to this project, but it has to remain consistent.
  • Illustrators Wanted – We’ll need backgrounds, backdrops, menu screens, etc., so there’s quite a bit to be done here.
  • Musicians Wanted – Who doesn’t love music in their games? If you can do sound effects, those are welcome as well.
  • Writers Wanted – I can’t possibly do everything myself (though trust me, I’m willing to work myself to death to do so if I must).

2D Platform Game for Smartphone

I’m working on updating myself with how to use Unity and code in C#, but it would go by a lot faster if I had a team helping me out. The concept, storyline, and first level art and music are already accounted for. This will very quickly get too big for me to tackle alone.

  • Pixel Artist Wanted – As said, I’ve got the first level covered, but other levels will require a higher level of pixel art expertise than I currently have.
  • Musician Wanted – I’ve also got the music for the first few levels ready to go, but I’ll need someone to come in and build upon that for the remaining levels.
  • Programmer Wanted – If you know your way around Unity, you’ll be a good fit for this project.
  • Coder Wanted – If you know how to code for 2D platform games, you’ll be a good fit.
  • Developer Wanted – If you’ve ever made a game or dabbled with game creation… yeah, you’d also be a good fit.

As said above, even if you’re not interested in collaborating on any of the projects listed here, feel free to contact me for any other collaborations you have in mind.

For all collaborations, I’m looking at Rev-share for compensation at this time. There may very well come a day when I can afford to pay team members for the hours they spend toiling on the games, but I’d need to have a few successful projects under my belt in order to make that happen.

Thank you!

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