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Welcome to my website!

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The majority of my written works are also being made into audiobooks, which you can find here as they become available!

Currently all of my series have been made into audiobooks: The Darkrock, The Labyrinth City, The Forgotten Murder, The Maydale Hauntings, The Horrors of Redemption, The 12 Mile Course, The Curse of the Dog, The Servants of the Fallen, and The Generational War

The Darkrock – narrated by Wayne Keller III
The Labyrinth City – narrated by Krista Nicely
The Maydale Hauntings – narrated by Joseph G Deak
The Forgotten Murder – narrated by Lisa Blair
The Horrors of Redemption – narrated by Wayne Keller III
The Generational War – narrated by Constantine
The 12 Mile Course – narrated by Wayne Keller III
The Curse of the Dog – narrated by Wayne Keller III

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