The Forgotten Murder – Audiobook Cover

A woman with no past holds the key to a brighter future for a gruff detective with big dreams and bigger aspirations.

Kim – a name that may not even be hers – hasn’t had it easy in life for the past few years. She’s struggled to survive after waking up with no memories in a world where identification is a necessity. By chance she’s come into contact with the one person who thinks that her newfound abilities might be the solution to saving more lives than just hers. Can she learn to trust someone else when she can’t even trust herself?
Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

Though Kim now has the aid of a detective to help her solve her own tragic mystery, will he choose instead to use her abilities to his own advantage for his cases? Even worse, will Frank still want to help the amnesiac once he realizes just what kind of person is hiding under her forgotten memories? It’s unknown how anyone will react when they find out the truth…

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