The Servants of the Fallen

Demons are real. They’re gearing up for The Coming, and nothing can stop them.

Markus has been thrown into a world he never knew existed. Now he’s faced with training for seven weeks to help a secret organization prepare for The Coming. Teaming up with a crew of demon hunters, Markus hopes to find closure with his past while he fights to save his future. The world is in peril, and less than 1% of the population even knows it.

What can one mortal even do to stop an invasion that threatens to end the world?

Markus, Alex, Leia, and James will have to do everything in their power to ensure that demon lords and their minions don’t succeed in ending the world. With limited time and resources, it’s up to the only mortal on the team to bring everyone together before the forces of evil can tear them apart. If they fail, the entire world will be plummeted into darkness. Will they succeed? Or will they succumb to their natural tendencies? Only time will tell…

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