The Maydale Hauntings

Enter a house that holds more spiritual energy than any other, and read on as the mystery of the Maydale Hauntings unfold.

Starting with the original family of despair and ending with a child who sees more than most, the Maydale Hauntings is a complete series about horror and unexplainable phenomenon. Each family will have to learn to stand together in order to have a fighting chance at surviving an experience no one would ever believe. Ghosts are very real, and the ones who stick around on Earth are not to be trifled with.

Can you solve the mystery that plagues the Maydale home?

The Maydale home is no place for happy endings, and a string of deaths have cursed all who live within it. Will any of the seven families who live in it get to the bottom of this mystery, or die trying? It’s anyone’s guess in a house with a history of violence and death.

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