The Labyrinth City – Audiobook Cover

Find out just what the creature is, what it wants, and why it loves stale, wet hotdog buns.

What if there was something that only one of your senses knew was there? How far would you trust yourself to find out the mystery of what lurks just outside our ability to detect it?

Six strangers are interrupted form their daily lives when they find out that they can detect a hidden creature in their city with only one of their senses. What exactly is this creature, and what does it want? Chasing down the entity with sight, smell, taste, sound, touch, and intuition, these ordinary citizens will discover that in this world, there’s something more than what meets the average eye.

Follow Mark, Phillip, Samantha, Tristin, Miranda, and Gwen as they try and discover the mystery of why they seem to be the only six people in the city who can detect a possibly dangerous threat.

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