The Darkrock

Mandy, Serena, Tina, Dan, Matt, and Jordon are about to find out why they’ve been summoned to the Hayback Woods with mysterious invitations.

Six students from Almward High School have been invited to touch The Darkrock: a strange rock no one has ever heard of before. Not knowing whether the invitation is a blessing or a curse, the teenagers decide to test the waters and find out just what their own desires may be. Little do they know that they’re about to get a lot more than they bargained for.The Lustful Vixen, The Envious Wallflower, The Gluttonous Raver, The Wrathful Pushover, The Greedy Jock, The Slothful Dreamer, and the Prideful Puppet Master have come together for one complete work in this Series Bundle. Enjoy the series in its entirety in one place! How exactly will six average teens react when they come into contact with something that cannot be explained?

Read on, if you dare…

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