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2019 Big Changes

Change is never easy. Change is not always for the better. Change is annoying to keep in loose pockets because it rattles around with every step which can get really aggravating really fast (for me at least). But back to the topic: I’ve got yet another round of changes happening in my life that are going to impact my personal and professional projects.

TLDR; I’m putting my personal project of writing series on hold indefinitely. I’m focusing on collaborative works, as well as learning programming languages and tools that will allow me to create bigger projects in the future. I’m burying my nose in my Japanese grammar and kanji books once more to prepare myself for potentially working in the Japanese gaming industry as a writer, translator, and/or cultural advisor.

Read on if you want more details for any of these changes I’ll be making as of today!

Capping Off the Series

You know, having nine complete series under my belt is an accomplishment I’m actually pretty proud of. In total, that’s over 560,000 words published online and in print for any any and all readers to enjoy, all written in about a year and half’s time. Even though halting production of the last three series I was planning on publishing in the coming months hurt my soul terribly, I can at least know that I’ve accomplished quite a lot already and can move forward with more serious work because of it.

The reason I’m stopping my series short is mainly due to the fact that I started writing them as a passion project to fill out my portfolio for future works. I wasn’t working with any companies on any projects, and thus had quite a fair amount of free time on my hands. The series weren’t written to create revenue or a profit, but just to exercise my creative writing skills and establish an online presence. Now that I’m working with several companies for writing projects and collaborating on games, time spent on passion projects takes away from bigger, more important work (at least in my eyes).

I might pick up the last few series someday, or turn them into novels, or come out with new ideas and write series and novels for those, but for time being I’ll continue releasing the series I’ve already published for free throughout the months (which you can find on my freebie page here) for readers who would like to enjoy them.

Focusing Solely on Collaborative Works and Team Projects

Moving forward, my passion projects have been tossed onto the back burner so I can focus entirely on collaborative works and team projects. This is mainly for the creation of new indie games and well as Interactive Fiction stories on the Tales platform, though there are also a few groups who have voiced an interest in hiring me for various writing projects in the near future. Hopefully this means that I will be able to create quality content for readers and gamers to enjoy in the near future!

Along with such new responsibilities, I’m also going to take up learning three new skills: programming, music creation, and pixel art. These skills will come in handy for a project I want to take part in down the line, and will hopefully lead to bigger and better projects in the future! I’m excited for what’s to come, but will keep things under wraps until they’re a bit more concrete. That being said, I’ll always update my webpage and followers on what’s coming up and what to expect.

If you’re ever curious as to what I’m getting up to, check out the Coming Soon page, or just follow my twitter @WisteriaDJones for updates!

Getting Back into My Japanese Language Studies

In case you didn’t know, I currently live and work in Japan. As such, I really must get my Japanese ability to a higher level to allow me to pursue careers locally instead of always scrounging about online for remote work (not to say I don’t love doing that, but for long-term employment I’d much prefer to work local). I’m not saying that I can bring a new outlook into the Japanese gaming and writing market, but I wouldn’t mind dipping my toe in it to see what it’s all about. Apart from that, I’ve just been slacking with my studies due to my personal and professional projects… So back to the textbooks and practice books I go!

This might also mean translated blogs in the future to reach a wider audience, which I’m half-dreading half-excited about!

What this means for the future of Wisteria D. Jones

For one, I should be able to blog on a more concrete schedule, so if anyone is enjoying reading my ramblings that could be good news (or horrible news if you dread getting notifications about my blogs). Another change will be that I might go AWOL from updating my website at times due to the massive amount of responsibilities I’m shouldering at the moment. I still want to create interesting content for my website, of course, but such a personal project might have to wait a bit longer before I can turn it into the amazing website I want it to be.

Regardless of how busy I am, I’ll always have time to respond to readers and writers alike who are looking for advice, guidance, or just someone to talk to. Leave a comment on any post, follow my blog, or send me an email to my personal account ( and I’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP! In the meantime, I wish everyone the best with everything they’re working on, and hope for success and brighter futures for us all!

Happy reading, writing, working, and living!

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