“Hey Wisteria, Where’ve You Been?”

For those of you wondering why the website has been so sparse lately, I’ve decided to make an update that will detail all the crazy and awesome changes that have been going on in my life up until May 2019. Hopefully I can get back onto a regular schedule with uploading more blogs and interesting articles, but for now I’ve got lots to do and very little time to do it!

9th Series Published; 10 in the Works 📝

“The Curse of the Dog” was published right at the end of April, and it took nearly all I had to get it done in time. It was a blast to write, and I feel like I learned an important lesson about trying to be a better version of yourself. It was bittersweet to finish, as I fell in love with a few of the characters and wished to stay in their company for just a bit longer.

The next series, “The Dreams of Reality” is set to be published at the end of June 2019, and is going to be quite an interesting series to write. The main character, Judith, has a peculiar problem: every time she lays her head down and goes to sleep for the night, instead of dreaming she wakes up in another reality. It’s been going on as long as she can remember, though sometimes she does find her memories about certain aspects of either life to be a bit fuzzy. In order to set her life straight and live in just one reality, she’ll have to figure out which one is real, and which one isn’t. She must choose carefully – picking the wrong reality to stay in results in instant death.

Moved into a New Apartment with Cat and Partner ❤️

“But Wisteria, didn’t you just move a few months ago?” Why yes, yes I did. This move, however, was a much, much better move that will hopefully not drive me as insane as the last move. I’ve moved into a spacious apartment right next to a lovely beach with the love of my life and, of course, Plumi. Of course, moving apartments in Japan isn’t the easiest of life changes to make for foreigners (see my article here about moving/housing in Japan for more info), and getting two people’s collection of things to merge seamlessly into one also has a bit of a learning curve. Regardless, after living together for just over a month I’m happy to say that we’re both delighted with how things are and what will happen moving forward.

Audiobooks in Various Stages of Recording 🔈

Did I mention I’m getting audiobooks recorded for each and every series? That’s right! As of right now the front runner in the process is “The Labyrinth City”, which should be up for sale on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, with “The Maydale Hauntings”, “The Generational War”, “The Forgotten Murder”, and “The Darkrock” close behind. As only 5 works can be recorded at one time, the others will have to wait until the first five are completed before they can have their audiobooks made as well.

Writing Interactive Fiction for Tales 🦊

I was recently invited to work together with the Tales Writer team to create one-of-a-kind, unique stories that anyone anywhere can play! If you’re interested in the platform, you can download their app here! I’m excited to start this journey into interactive fiction, as I’ve been looking forward to writing and publishing works in this department for quite some time! Hopefully I can make great things that readers will be able to thoroughly enjoy!

Bigger Ideas for Future Works

As is stands now, the Wondrous Wisps will be limited to answering questions that are sent in through this website or my twitter.I feel this will allow the wisps to not only hone in on topics that interest readers and writers alike, but may also open up a greater conversation to a larger audience. Since I’ve been traveling so often and have recently moved, I likely won’t be exploring the country I live in for a few months (sadly. I’m very heartbroken over this). Hopefully after everything settles I can continue with my dream to keep exploring the wonders of Japan and sharing what I see and learn with all of you!

All in all, I’m hoping the last two-thirds of 2019 are going to be productive and a time of great growth for myself and everyone!

That’s all for now, but I’m sure I’ll have more updates as the year goes on! Thanks for all of your support and appreciation! Feel free to reach out with questions, comments, inquiries, and more!

Happy Reading, Writing, Living, and Working!

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