WWW #34: Soul-Crushing

Today’s Topic: We are all subject to at least one soul-crushing event in our lives, no matter how big or small.

We’ve all been there – you’re doing something you feel is literally sucking the life out of your body, yet you keep doing it. For some, it’s their day-to-day job. For others, it’s a relationship with someone else that’s become taxing to their mental and/or physical health. For most, it’s not something enjoyable that you look forward to doing long-term. Yet, there are times when soul-crushing work is necessary for the natural progression of life. We can only hope that putting up with such things can lead to better situations and eventual peace of mind.

Not all work has to be soul-crushing, and not all soul-crushing work is unnecessary. Many people put up with jobs that are an absolute pain because they either need to make a living somehow, or are working up to a better job. Having worked in the lower-tier service industry, I don’t always recall fondly the memories I have of angry customers, rude guests, and sometimes hostile patrons. It’s not a job I would willingly return to, though it did pay the bills so I couldn’t complain – kidding, of course I complained! There were days when I wanted nothing more than to tell my boss what I thought about him and just walk out the door! Unfortunately, my college tuition wasn’t going to pay itself, and I had grown rather fond of eating three meals a day, so giving my superiors a piece of my mind was off the table.

Relationships can be soul-crushing for many different reasons. You might have a friend that you’ve known since you both were young that has grown up to be an insufferable know-it-all that waves around their intellect like it somehow makes them a better person. You might be trying to think of a future together with someone you love, but know that you’ve both only got a year or two tops left together before one of you explodes. Even familial relationships can be taxing and tedious. Many people openly complain on social media about how they dread holidays spent with the family, which has become a sort of popular outlet for miserable relations to vent their frustrations. Just because you’re related doesn’t mean you have to get along.

Schooling has been the bane of many students’ existence since institutions were first created to educate the youth. It can be a tiresome task to try and focus on subjects that you have no interest in pursuing later in your education. The moment you mention that you’re bored, however, you’re reprimanded for not taking your studies seriously. There’s plenty of hard work and effort put into school, and it goes on for over a decade (more if you decide to continue on to a college education). Yet, most of us are told the only way to succeed in life, get a good job (albeit a potentially soul-crushing one at that), and have a bright future is to go to school. All in all, it’s a necessary evil that the majority comply with.


Going through soul-crushing experiences can be difficult, but can also ultimately help us to better appreciate the good things when they come into our lives. Some people have to work years in a job they downright despise before they find the perfect postion in a company that makes them at least happy or content to go to work everyday. Those who struggle through frustrating relationships might some day break free, move away, grow apart, or burn bridges. Though it’s possible to continue your education for decades, many can choose if and when they want to stop their insitutionalized learning experience. In the end, we’re all going to have to go through some pretty soul-crushing experiences at least once during our lives, but life is about change and the progression of time; these things shall pass.

Have you ever had a soul-crushing experience that you thought might never end? What do you do to pass the time during these experiences? Let us know in the comments below so we can pass on the information to those still going through such experiences!

Happy reading, writing, working, and living!

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