WWW #33: Demons

Today’s Topic: The demons inside us all and how we can deal with them.

The concept of ‘inner demons’ isn’t new. Inner demons is a term used to describe less than desirable aspects a person is actively hiding or repressing because they know that such things are negative and ultimately hurt their psyche. There are plenty of ways to overcome these demons, but it’s almost never easy to face the darkest part of yourself in an attempt to change for the better.

I’d like to also preface this topic by saying that although I use the term ‘demon’, I’m referring to a person’s personality, not a malicious entity that works in secret to make people do things they normally wouldn’t do.

Since we all have dark thoughts floating around our heads – some of us more than others – we generally start to self-doubt and hate because such thoughts are unwanted and usually unwarented. No one likes finishing a project that they’ve worked so hard on only to have a small voice in their head remind them that it’s horrible and that no one will like or appreciate it. It’s even harder when you realize that the voice is just a darker side of yourself that is often out of your control.

I’ve had times when I look at all the work I’ve been producing over this past year and think to myself, “Why am I even doing this? None of it is good enough. This is all just a waste of time.” These dark thoughts, funny enough, aren’t meant to hurt me, but are actually my mind’s way of protecting myself from pain and hurt. If I think that everythign I do is going to fail, it won’t be as big of a disappointment if/when they do fail. If I succeed, I get to tell that little voice to shut the hell up because I’m obviously worth more than I think. If I fail, however, I might start to believe the voices of doubt and lose my confidence and creative outlook on life. It’s a slippery slope to navigate, though it’s not impossible to do so.

Even though I can look back and reason why my inner demons whisper harsh ‘truths’ to me, it’s very difficult to understand such things when I’m vulnerable or not prepared to defend myself against myself. When I’m in the middle of a project, for example, and I start to think that my work is stupid, useless, and going to bring about nothing but disappointment for myself and others, it’s almost enough to make me stop writing completely. Even worse is when my anger gets the best of me and I feel like quitting entirely in a fit of rage.

It’s not easy to understand or work with your inner demons, but realizing that they’re just a way for your mind to protect itself is a step in the right direction. Being mindful of why your emotions can get so strong at times helps to rationalize why your inner demons come out when they do and why you react to them the way you do. Once you understand yourself in this way, you can begin to control and overpower your demons and fill your life with more positivity and happiness.


Overall, understanding your inner demons takes time and plenty of self-reflection. It’s not easy to figure out why such negative thoughts and feelings can come without warning, but it’s the first step to overcoming your fears and being a better person.

Do you have any inner demons you’re currently struggling with? How have you handled your demons in the past? Let us know so we can continue to grow together!

Happy reading, writing, working, and living!

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