WWW #31: Starting

Today’s Topic: How the first steps of a life event can be the most exciting and/or difficult.

We’ve all been there – you’re just about to start something new. You’re feeling a myriad of emotions about it. You’re already imagining the finish line and what you hope to accomplish. In your mind you’ve already done the hard work and are reaping the rewards. Unfortunately, starting something in life is only – and literally – the first step. There’s still plenty more to do before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

We all have things that we start for various reasons, as life is all about starting, stopping, and finishing things. We start growing and eventually one day stop. We start our education, sometimes stopping for long stretches of time, and possibly never finishing. Not everything we start has a foreseeable conclusion, and not everything has to have a definite end.

I, for one, love the feeling of starting a new piece of work or project. It’s exciting to begin something, and the thought of completing said work or project is what ultimately keeps me going when I start losing steam or motivation. The start of every series I write is generally fast-paced and almost too hectic to keep up with, but by the time I get closer to the end I slow down. It’s almost as if I’m savoring the journey and don’t want to be finished.

Yet, there are times when I absolutely dread the start of something. If I have a busy month ahead of me, I might dread the start of writing my next series, or the start of a new project or goal. I might dread the fact that I’m woefully underprepared to be dealing with coding and formatting on my website, though I’m overjoyed at the thought of having interactive fiction available all on the same site as my blogs and writing.

It can be hard to start something when my heart isn’t fully in it, but sometimes I don’t have the luxury of making sure I’m 100% ready before I have to dive into something. Time keeps on ticking by, and if I always made sure I was absolutely ready to start something I’d have never accomplished even a tenth of what I’ve managed to do in my writing career.

Sometimes you just gotta take a leap and hope that you’re strong enough to finish something you weren’t ready to start in the first place.


It isn’t always easy to start something new, but it is necessary to continue moving forward in life. Just as time keeps ticking away, people will keep starting new chapters of their lives. I hope that everyone can accomplish what they set out to, and that we all can help each other as much as we can to achieve our goals!

How do you feel at the start of things? Do you stretch them out longer because you’re not ready for them to end, or race through as fast as you can? Start a comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

Happy reading, writing, working, and living!

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