WWW #28: Music

Today’s Topic: How powerful music is in everyday life.

Even if a person has been living on a deserted island away from other people for their entire life, they’ll likely still know about music. Whether they’ve hummed or sang a song they made up for themselves or created a melody from the wind, rain, and waves, such actions point to the fact that music is both inescapable and vital.

Music can be an important – or even intregal – part of a person’s life. They could wake up everyday having gone to bed with their headphones in and ambient music playing, listen to lively music during breakfast, enjoyed fast-tempo songs on the way to work or school, and then come home to relax with yet another helping of music. Not everyone listens to music 24/7, but those that do continue to do so because it has such a powerful hold of their lives.

That’s not to say that liking and listening to music all the time is a bad thing – quite the contrary. Music can help people during their darkest hours, or make their happiest times seem even happier. It can inspire us to go forth and do our best, or comfort us when we’ve had a bad day. There’s no end to the list of things that music can do, and there likely shouldn’t be – as we advance and evolve, so shall music.

I used to listen to music daily throughout high school. I can still hear a specific song today that takes me back to my junior year. I continued listening to music and exploring new songs, artists, and albums throughout college. I was able to listen to my favorite songs as background music while I was at work, and my car always had a CD in the player (not to mention that my truck was never void of cassettes). I’ve had hundreds of thousands of songs downloaded to my phone, laptop, desktop, iPad, and iPod over the years, and though I might have deleted songs from my library, they still remain with me to this day.

Since moving to Japan, I’ve had periods when I feel I don’t have enough time to properly listen to and enjoy music. It took me a while to realize that you don’t always have to make time for music, as music can be enjoyed anywhere at anytime. Unless you happen to be binge watching Netflix from sunrise to sunset, there’s almost always time to enjoy a little music during your day.

Those that make music are just as important as those who listen to it. It’s not easy to compose or preform music, and it’s even more difficult to try and make music that everyone can enjoy. Both artists and listeners will have to weather through making and listening to music that isn’t appreciated by everyone.


It is my greatest hope and wish that music continues to advance and evolve with humanity and technology so that future generations will be able to experience it as well. Music is able to do so much for so many people that it would be a shame to lose such a precious form of art for any reason.

How do you feel about music? Are you an avid music lover (or creator), or just someone who likes the occasional song or two? Let me know in the comments below, along with your favorite song, album, genre, artist, etc.! I’d love to add some new songs to my playlists!

Happy reading, writing, working, and living!

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