WWW #16: Time

Today’s Topic: Why there never seems to be enough time

We’ve all thought to ourselves at one point or another that we didn’t have enough time to do something. Whether it was time spent on a project, socializing with friends, enjoying the company of a loved one, or another activity that seemed to be cut short, time can very easily turn into an invisible enemy since we have a limited amount of it.

Unless you’re immortal, your time is not infinite. We all have a set amount of it that we get to spend on earth; the fact that almost no one knows just how much of it they have makes it all seem a little crazy to try and plan out how to spend our time. A person who wants to live to be 80 will of course try and plan our their career and life accordingly to get what they want accomplished. Yet, as all of us know, time has a funny way of getting away from us.

Things don’t always go according to plan. Decisions have to be made when situations change, and sometimes things are put aside because it’s thought that there isn’t enough time to do them. Someone going to school for a law degree might give up learning the guitar for years to focus on studying. After they’ve made it big as a lawyer, they’ll either decide to pick up the hobby again and spend time on the activity, or decide that their once beloved hobby that brought them joy is now a ‘waste’ of time.

Parents are worried that their children are wasting precious time during their childhood if they aren’t playing enough, but at the same time they push their kids to study and get the best out of their education. There’s a fine line between wasting time and spending time wisely that changes depending on each individual’s values and needs. If a child likes reading books and forgoes playing outside to do so, a parent might think they’re wasting time that could be better spent making friends; the child, however, might remember the stories they read for years to come and when looking back at their childhood think that they spent their time wisely.

People often fall into the trap of getting caught up by time they’ve invested in something; they block out the quality and focus on the quantity. If you’ve spent three years working on a relationship with someone, it’s hard to justify letting them go even if it would be a good decision to make. Those that work in a field they’re dissatisfied with are hard pressed to go back to school to earn a new degree. Even if they hate the industry their current degree fits, they’ve likely spent so much time getting their degree that they can’t fathom ‘wasting’ more time getting another.

It’s hard to know when to let go, and even harder to realize if and/or when time is being wasted or spent wisely in the moment. In the example above, the person who doesn’t like their job must have originally thought that getting their degree was a good use of their time, or else they wouldn’t have chosen to pursue and receive it. Until they found that their degree didn’t fit their needs correctly, that time was considered to be efficiently used. Often our only method of measuring how well we’ve spent our time is through hindsight; it’s nearly impossible to calculate in the moment.


Although it may seem like there’s not enough time to do something you love, time can be set aside to work towards your hopes, dreams, goals, and desires. The fact that the remaining amount of time we have is almost always unknown means that every moment is special. Even if those moments are spent doing nothing and just relaxing, such a choice can still be a wise decision depending on the person. Everyone is different, and every person is entitled to spend their time as they see fit. Only the individual themselves can decide if something is worth their time or not.

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time? What things do you wish you had more time to do? Let us know in the comments below! Let’s get a discussion going, yeah?

Happy reading, writing, working, and living!

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