WWW #11: Hate

Today’s Topic: Why we can hate so passionately with ease

Much in the same way that love is endless and unmeasurable, hate is something a person has an endless supply of.

You can hate anything you want, and it’s your personal right to do so. Your hatred might be misguided, misdirected, misinformed, or misplaced, but it’s your hate all the same. You can hate something that will never change due to your hate, like the weather, an artist’s new album, or how sand always gets everywhere. You can hate things that might change, like how your friend treats you, where you live, or your own appearance.

It’s easy to hate. So easy that learning to let go of hating something can be a difficult task that many are not up to until some time has passed. Hating your situation in life is common, but doing something to better your situation can be an issue that takes more time and effort than simply being unhappy about it.

Some things are deemed alright to hate by society’s standards, while others might not warrant such strong feelings. Each individual person has their own limits to what they hate, though it’s easy to throw all rules and common sense out the window when a person is upset. You don’t have to think carefully about things you hate simply because saying you hate something is enough. Your reasoning is your own, and you’re justified to not have to explain yourself to others. That being said, it’s important to not let hate cloud your judgement.

Hating is easy, but that doesn’t make it right. Sometimes hate is a way to bring about a positive change: hating an unfair law, hating a corrupt politician, hating a business that doesn’t deal fairly, and so on. Sometimes hate brings about negative changes: hating a person for their appearance, hating all of society’s rules, hating those that you believe are better than you, hating in general just for the sake of hating, and hating to make others feel bad about themselves without just provocation.

Everyone has their own opinions, and everyone has the right to hate whatever they want to hate. It’s hard to set a black and white line of where hate helps and hinders, and as such it’s impossible to say one person is right to hate something while another person is wrong to do so. In the end, all we can do is weather the bad hate and prompt the good hate to make better changes.


Although it’s easy, hate has a lot more weight than love. It’s because it’s so easy that many people hate carelessly and without much thought. Sadly, hate also has a more lasting impact than love. A thousand kind words can all be undone with just one word of hate – if you let it.

Do you think it’s wrong to hate one thing, but right to hate another? Do you hate something that you believe is alright to hate? Let us know in the comments below! Let’s get a discussion going, yeah?

Happy reading, writing, working, and living!

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