Part 2: Praising The Pros of Freelance Writing

Last week I wrote about considering the multitude of factors that go into working as a freelance writer. The factors were explained to help those thinking about diving into the freelance writing world figure out exactly what they wanted to get out of the work, as well as inform them on what is needed to be a freelance writer: finding clients, writing pieces, and getting paid. Knowing what to expect before you get into a possible career move is important to just about anyone who likes being prepared.

Hopefully if you’re considering becoming a freelance writer you’ll have done your due diligence and researched the pros and cons that come with the job, along with common practices and general working conditions. Whether you’re thinking about making a career out of the job or just want some extra income, I wish you all the best!

For the second part of my Freelance Writing posts, let’s go over some of the pros that you’ll be delighted to discover during your time as a freelance writer.

The Pros

Freelance writing can be a fun, enriching experience for any writer or creative minded person to prove their worth by exchanging writing services for compensation. Sure, getting your personal work out to the masses is a reward in itself, but actually having a client pay you to represent their brand with your writing skills is a truly awesome experience. Those that love writing and have a passion for creating interesting, unique content that pleases both clients and audiences can generally find true joy in being a freelance writer.

Work From Anywhere In The World

If you find yourself employed by a client who’s perfectly fine with remote freelance writers, than you’re in luck; no ties means you have the ability to work from anywhere in the world! Okay, maybe you’re not going to take a trip to Bali just because all you need to do your job is a laptop or tablet and an internet connection, but remote working still has its perks.

Skip the morning commute and relax a bit knowing that you can work from home in your PJs, in a cozy coffee shop, or even while you’re on the move. Many freelance writers love that they have the freedom to travel wherever they like while working, and some even get paid for their travels while they write for their clients. Not only that, but by working remotely you can find clients from the other side of the globe to write for! No longer shackled by finding work in your immediate area, your radius of possibilities can grow exponentially!

Be Your Own Boss

For those working on freelance writing contracts that don’t involve clocking in or reporting hours, writers generally get to be their own boss when it comes to working on an assignment. Not feeling like doing research and working in the wee hours of the morning? Then don’t. Work later in the day. Want to work on assignments throughout the day while taking breaks to do personal projects or daily tasks? Go right ahead.

Even for those freelance writers who are working on hourly contracts, most of the time writers can choose when they want to start and stop working on a given project. With the advancement of modern day technology, many clients have the ability to monitor and track the exact time a writer is actively working on assignments, meaning that they can start, stop, or pause whenever they feel like without lying or inflating their working hours.

Most importantly, freelance writers get to be their own boss in the sense that they can pick and choose who to work for and what assignments they want to write for your clients. Don’t want to write about health and fitness? Don’t get a client who needs pieces on that topic. Interested in technology and science? Find clients in that area to write for. Feeling up to write about any subject? Finding a client shouldn’t be too hard – reach out to one and start writing. The possibilities are endless in regards to who you can work for when you’re the one calling the shots.

Write About Any Topic

As mentioned above, being a freelance writer means that you can write about any topic you feel comfortable with. If you want to become a niche writer and only write about a specific topic, no one will stop you from doing so. If you enjoy researching topics that you may not know a lot about in the first place and want to write about anything and everything under the sun, you can.

With that in mind, many freelance writers find success in focusing their writing on one specific topic. By doing so, they become experts of that topic and can accept higher paying contracts or receive more work from clients. In many cases, clients will only want to hire writers with prior experience in their field, so many freelancers try to write about as many topics as possible to being with before choosing one subject to commit to. Regardless, a freelance writer is able to choose what they write as well as which clients they write for.

Gain Recognition

Freelance writing opens the doors for the masses to find and enjoy other projects you’ve worked on and made available to the public. Unless you’re ghostwriting, your name should be on the articles and blogs you’ve written for your clients. Readers can see your name and research what else you’ve written about, which will inevitably lead them to your other works. Freelance writing can be a great way to gain exposure and recognition amongst possible readers and fans.

You’ve likely read an article or blog that’s had the writer’s name somewhere in the piece. This is not always a given, and should be talked about with your client if you prefer to have your name (and possible blurb about yourself and where to find you on social media) displayed. Many clients prefer to display articles on their website or in publications without the contributors name listed. This is a decision that should be respected by the client and writer, but should also be agreed upon before the work is published to avoid feeling cheated out of writer promotion.

Do What You Love

Many writers find that they have a talent or knack for writing early on in life. Those that do well on essays in school or scribble down fascinating stories during recess have known for some time that writing is an activity that they enjoy. In fact, their writing becomes something that can grow to be a true passion in their lives.

Although many writers start off without a strong direction of where they want their writing skills and abilities to take them, the journey to discovering their writing voice and interests is one they’re happy to make. If you have a love for writing, whether it’s mainly focused on a particular subject or any topic you can get yours hands on, then you’ll find freelance writing to be an enjoyable career.


There are many great reasons to monetize your ability to write well. Writers may want to making writing their main source of income because they’re happiest when they’re writing, and as such want to do what they love for their career. Others get into freelance work because they are skilled at writing, even if they don’t have a diehard love for the art. No matter what your reasoning, there’s always something good to be found in freelance writing.

Have you experienced any of these pros while working as a freelance writer? Are you looking forward to them if you’re just starting your freelance writing journey? Let us know in the comments below! Let’s get a discussion going, yeah?

Happy reading, writing, working, and living!

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