Series #5: The Maydale Hauntings Series

The Maydale Hauntings Series

The Maydale home is no place for happy endings, and a string of deaths have cursed all who live within it. Will any of the seven families who live in it get to the bottom of this mystery, or die trying? It’s anyone’s guess in a house with a history of violence and death.

The Maydales

”It hasn’t been the same since Robert’s passing. It’s almost like I can still feel him here, in the house…”

Mrs. Maydale’s had it rough. Her husband’s been murdered, weird things have started happening in her house, and she can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched. Add that to a recent discovery that could change her life forever and it’s almost like fate has personally decided to make the widow’s life as difficult as possible.

After all, what’s a woman supposed to do when she thinks her dead husband is trying to tell her something from beyond the grave?

The Smiths

“Honey, don’t worry. Just because someone died here doesn’t mean anything except a better deal for us on the price.”

Alex is having a horrible summer vacation. He’s been moved away from all of his friends, he’s got nothing to do in a big empty house, and his parents don’t believe him when he tells them about all of the weird things that happen when no one’s home. His father knew all about the deaths that occurred in the house, but is too blinded by the reduced price tag to listen to ghost stories.

How exactly does a teenager go about convincing his parents that their new house is trying to kill them?

The Johnsons

“Don’t be scared, mommy. She won’t hurt us. She just wants to take the baby away.”

Fearing that the evils of the world might taint her precious children, Natalie has decided to try the homeschool approach to educating the next generation of her family. It’s worked out well so far for her eldest daughter, Susan, but as Natalie discovers that her child has developed a strange relationship with an invisible friend, things soon take a turn for the worst.

A jealous firstborn might be all it takes to successfully offer a newborn babe to a vengeful spirit.

The Howards

“You ever think that Mom is watching us? You know, from beyond?”

Hoping to create a new start for himself and his children, Bob has moved away from everything that reminds him of his recently deceased wife. His kids, however, aren’t so sure that they’re actually able to leave her behind. A new house brings new problems, and discipline turns to disaster as they struggle to stay united against a force they can’t explain.

For a family so familiar with death, they sure don’t seem to keen to try the experience themselves. Not willingly, at least.

The Allens

“We’ll fix up this place better than before; even if it kills us!”

The Allen brothers think they found a golden opportunity: a house no one else will buy that’s in a perfect location with a good foundation. All they need to do is fix it up like new, then sell it for a huge profit. That is, if they can finish the renovation without losing their lives.

The brotherly duo aren’t just working against the clock or each other as they struggle to fix a house that’s bent on taking them down with it.

The Colemans

“I thought I made it very clear to you, both. You’re leaving this house over my dead body.”

Liam’s mother never made good decisions when it came to love. She left her first husband with a son in tow, and has managed to find a nearly identical replica to replace him. Only this time, her second husband has much deeper pockets and a steaming hatred for her son. Will Liam get the chance to escape the nightmare his life has become, or are his bad dreams just getting started?

This abusive stepfather might finally meet his match when faced with a vengeful spirit that cares not for his selfish ways.

The Walkers

“It’s fine if neither of you can see her. I’m just tired of having all this bad energy around.”

Beth has always been a bit different than the other children. Her parents have accepted her, but society still hasn’t. Instead of letting it get her down, Beth decides to try and solve a murder mystery that happened over a decade ago in her newly acquired home. With the aid of a new friend, Beth is determined to find out what happened to the Maydale family, and why they have yet to find peace in the afterlife.

They say seeing is believing, but Beth is wondering how much she should believe from the spirit she keeps seeing.

Read on for the author’s thoughts on the series!

Alright, let me start by saying that I love scary movies, but they scare me senseless! I jump at all noises, cringe at every shadow, and can’t sleep well. Yet, with all that in mind, I can’t get enough of them! I watch them as often as possible, so it made sense that I had to write a horror series! Funny enough, most of the time I scared myself with what I wrote!

Overall I had a lot of fun writing this series. I learned a lot about suspense, fear, excitement and the like, and it was intersting trying to tackle my demons while writing. In the future, I really do hope that I get a chance to write horror again, though I might have to add some science fiction or fantasy to it to make it more my speed!

Have you finished reading The Maydale Hauntings? Did any part send shivers up your spine? Let us know in the comments below! Let’s get a discussion going, yeah?

Happy reading, writing, working, and living!

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