Series #4: The Generational War

It’s hard to imagine, but humans are actually quite the delicacy in this galaxy.

The world is under attack. Humans are being harvested to boost an alien planet’s economy. Throughout the ages, there’s always one person who is able to do something to stop the attacks and try to save humanity from extinction.

This is the tale of that generational war.

Humans are fighting a war against alien invaders that spans thousands of millennia. Many generations have been preparing for such an epic conquest, though there are times when the stories of old have been lost, forgotten, or ignored. Those that come into the power to defend the planet, whether they have the prior knowledge of their role or not, all have one thing in common:

The ability to infiltrate the enemy’s ranks and crush them from the inside.

With powers that they may or may not know that they have, humans will have to fight for their right not to be a luxury food item on the galactic menu. Yet, not everything is so black and white when seen from the alien’s perspective…

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All right, I’ll be honest… I’m not a fan of history. I always did poorly in school for the subject (which I wholeheartedly blame the school system for… my first year learning it all I did was color in pictures of colonists and important events… I was set up to fail!), and just never quite seemed all that interested in it. Until I tried my hand at writing it.

This series took a lot more research than past series, mainly because I wanted everything to be factual and realistic for the time periods that each part takes place in. Obviously there weren’t cell phone in the Victorian Era, but when was writing first invented? If I wanted to use any sort of symbols or writing in one of the earlier parts, I had to make sure if it was new or not.

Overall, it was actually quite enjoyable to write this series. I feel like I learned a lot, and I hope to write more historical fiction in the future. Cheers!

Have you finished reading The Generational War? How did you feel about the jumps through important eras in human history? Let us know in the comments below! Let’s get a discussion going, yeah?

Happy reading, writing, working, and living!

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